We know how to tell stories because we lived through so many.

We are made of memories, dreams, objects that we love, passions and obsessions. And the brands that tell us their story.

Our team is solid and compact, constantly enriched by specialists and freelancers that make it a free, fluid and highly creative group.

Anna Frandino

Founder & Executive Producer

After graduating in International Business, her strong passion for cinema brings Anna to Rome, where she is admitted to the advanced training course in Film Production at the prestigious Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.
After a few years of work in the field of film production in Rome and Turin, Anna moves on to production in a prestigious advertising agency, where she further develops and refines her skills in the management of audiovisual and advertising projects.

This is followed by 8 years of freelance activity, in which she consolidates her experience and builds a network of valuable collaborations with professionals in the sector. In 2019 he founds Officina38, a creative production house and digital agency.

Passionate about her work and every adventure undertaken with Officina38, Anna is particularly happy when a project takes her around the world, because traveling is the thing she loves most of all.

Alessandro Sciacca

Production Assistant

Alessandro (also nicknamed Mr Seppia which means Mr Squid). Fully addicted to films, music and magazines, Alessandro grew up in Turin fantasizing of being able one day to tell his vision of the world. Following the specialization as Technician in Video Production at Enaip Turin, Alessandro begins the collaboration with Officina38, who welcomes him with great enthusiasm. 

Today Mr Seppia holds the role of Production Assistant, overseeing the smallest details of every story that Officina38 produces, with the passion and spontaneity that distinguish him.

Marco Quattrocolo

Head of Post Production

After studying Cinema at the Dams in Turin, Marco understands that editing is what defines the most his artistic sensitivity. In particular he decides to master the techniques of editing in advertising. Constantly studying and participating in important national workshops on editing and storytelling techniques together with hard work in the field, Marco over the years collaborates with some of the most prestigious Italian and foreign production houses and advertising agencies.

Pongist with a past at a competitive level, Marco believes that the practice of table tennis is a “preparatory” training for the job of video post production: it helps to keep the senses always “on” and to maintain control, even under stress, so as to being able to quickly find a solution in response to every stimulus received … including the unexpected!

Federico Lano

Videomaker & Visual Designer

Graduated from IAAD (Turin) with a degree in interior design, during his studies Federico developed his passion for photography and audiovisuals by creating a small studio with a friend, until he decided to undertake this path also on a professional level.

In Officina38 he has a versatile role, ranging from camera to photo and video editing.

And if Fede likes to photograph, his alter ego “Feffo” is instead a serial devourer of sandwiches…

Silvia Bergamo

Head of Communication & Marketing

Graduated in Communication at the universities of Turin and Lyon, before joining our team Silvia worked for almost twenty years in the world of the Third Sector and Social Innovation, mostly covering the role of Communication & Event Manager and offering consultancy as a content strategist and copywriter.

In Officina38 he coordinates communication and marketing activities.
Her passion for China led her years ago to fly to Shanghai for a semester of Mandarin study … and still today she never misses an opportunity to enjoy a good plate of noodles!

Alice Malaspina

Digital Communication Specialist

Alice has always had a passion for creative writing and an aptitude for artistic subjects. Graduated from the DAMS of the University of Padua and in Cinema and Media at the University of Turin, she soon felt the need to put the acquired theory into practice and decided to knock (literally) on the door of Officina38.

he rest is history: thanks to her Venetian attitude and love for spritz and prosecco, Alice was immediately able to find the right feeling with the rest of the team!

In Officina38 Alice manages the editorial plans and social channels, as well as curating our monthly blog.

Massimiliano Vairo


With a degree in Architecture and a master in New Media Communication & Interaction Design, Massimiliano began his professional career in a communication agency and press office in Turin, following in particular the online presence of national and international companies.

In Officina38 he holds the role of account and follows some communication projects with a versatile role.

In the morning when we see him arrive by bike without scratches we all breathe a sigh of relief: we have lost count of the falls he has done!


Our team!

Gaffer tape: the tape used on set by our electricians and crew. We always know how to move and we know where to stop.

Lightbulb: We work with electricians and set crews who always come up with creative ideas.

Ping Pong: we’re serious: between one project and another we have to let off the steam!

Headphones: we work with amazing sound technicians. They know how to listen to everything, even to our needs.

Round of Beers: at the end of a shoot, it’s our ritual to raise a glass and celebrate the project’s completion. The first beers we pop are always for our clients.

Lego: our set designers and crew come up with the most unthinkable solutions.

Data Manager: the memory bank where we record all of our footage. We protect it with our lives.

Lighter: always on hand. There will always be an actor on set who forgot their lighter.

Cactus: we work and travel around the world. Literally everywhere.

Paper and pen: briefs, film scripts. The beginning of every story.

Canon Truck: the production. Always with transport, it allows all crew to do their best work.

Film camera: it’s our symbol. Not taking oneself too seriously is an art that lets us accept criticism and improve, and it allows us to work with directors who play the same game.

Storyboard: the professional approach to every job we do. Whether it’s a commercial or a feature film, it is here that every story comes to life.

Take 1: we are always ready to roll, any time any place.

WTF!: don’t panic. In production we always find a solution.

Microphone: the post production. One of the most creative and sensitive time.

Batteries: we are always charged and ready for every project….and fully loaded with batteries.

Cutter: our tech and design crew. Sharp and precise.

Ruler: we are strict and meticulous, as are the professionals we work with.

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We have been working with brave people and brands for many years. We’d love to create something with you too!