A2E – Alpi Efficienza Energetica

This video, produced for Regione Piemonte (Piedmont region), highlights the A2E – Alpi Efficienza Energetica project, a Franco-Italian partnership between public and private sectors.

In a world increasingly in need of sustainability and innovation, we are proud to have contributed to a project that aims at improving public building’s energy efficiency.

The A2E project capitalized on what has been learned from French and Italian experiences on low energy consumption in Alpine public buildings, allowing new or renovated buildings to advance to ” high energy-efficiency building”.

The video, produced in collaboration with ACAPO Agency, describes in a simple and graphically captivating way A2E birth, its objectives, its path and, above all, its value in terms of cooperation, information, and training.

Illustrator: Chiara Fucà




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