Autostrade per l’Italia: Campagna sicurezza stradale

There are limits that can be exceeded, others that must be respected.

This is the tagline for the new campaign promoted by Autostrade per l’Italia, in collaboration with the State Police, which stresses the importance of respecting the rules when driving on roads and highways.

Officina38 produced this campaign’s photos and videos, working with the exceptional testimonial Ambra Sabatini, Paralympic champion and 100mt gold medalist.

“Our dreams, different from each other, puh us to get past our fear, while for road safety limits must not be crossed.”
Ambra Sabatini

The video is part of a communication campaign distributed on radio, national media, press, social media channels and billboards in main Italian cities and in ASPI service areas.

Respecting the limits and rules when driving is everyone’s duty. Let’s always remember to:

✔️ Wear seat belts,
✔️ Do Not Drive whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
✔️  Do not use a smartphone while driving. Watch the road,
✔️ Drive carefully and only run when doing sports.

Follow your dreams. Keep yourself safe on the road and keep everyone safe from harm.


Agency: Ninetynine
Photographer: Federico Tardito
Talent: Ambra Sabatini



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