Ferrari SF21: Beauty Car

“The best Ferrari ever built is the next one.”
Enzo Ferrari

Car beauty video produced for Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 to present SF21 Car Launch.

An Adrenaline pumping video featuring new designs and mechanical and structural innovations of the new single-seater car taking to the track for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Improved aerodynamic performance, a brand-new Power Unit and the new layout is an absolute perfection. Clean, beautiful, elegant, and timeless qualities that distinguish an Italian legend.

An exciting journey into the world of Maranello car manufacturer which, in the 2021 season, sees drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz as teammates.

We have been watching Ferrari through the TV screen… this time, however, we were honored and lucky to have had the opportunity to unveil their new car and excite millions of people.


Director: Greg Ferro
Production: EDI e Officina38
Advertising Agency: Ninetynine srl
Editor: Margherita Chiatti



Officina38 per Diadora
Torino City Marathon - photo Officina38
Cervino Summer Adrenaline 00