Lego Creator: Ford Mustang 1960

We have always had a soft spot for Lego, the historic Danish toy manufacturing company founded in 1916, with which, like many of you, we grew up playing with buckets of colorful and multiform bricks.

Officina38 has decided to pay tribute to Lego by producing an impact video featuring a piece of the inventive and creative “Lego Creator” line.

We worked with lights and colors effects, accompanied by electronic music and contextualized in an urban environment.

The video was designed with a treatment typically close to the automotive world.

We had a few challenges in producing this video. Given the very small size of the set, it was essential to have attention and precision in every single detail, such as the positioning and movement of the lights and particular care in handling the little Lego car model. We wanted to make the car’s movements as natural and truthful as possible to give the impression of being in front of a real 1960 Ford Mustang.


Director: Greg Ferro
DoP: Corrado Serri
Editor: Margherita Chiatti



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