Sedamyl – Naturally reliable. Even today.

The Covid-19 epidemic is creating dramatic circumstances within our community and asking all of us to behave responsibly and cohesively.

Sedamyl operates within the food production sector (animal feed as well as human consumption) and understands the problems and challenges posed in this unpredictable and unexpected situation. The company is actively participating in the shared effort to stop COVID-19 transmission by guaranteeing production continuity and supporting those who are working on the front lines of the health care emergency.

The company wanted to make this video to thank all the employees who, with responsibility and care, are making it possible to guarantee the products, quality and safety that characterize the group’s work even in this difficult moment.
The video was shot always respecting the safety guidelines. The employees filmed directly themselves and their loved ones and this allowed them to experience a moment of fun and creativity: they tested themselves as actors, directors and cameramen, following the instructions that Officina38 gave them through video calls and other digital tools, which allowed us to discover a new way to make videos.



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