Zhermack: Flower short

For the client Zhermack, an international provider of cutting-edge materials and solutions for the dental, industrial and wellbeing sectors, we produced audiovisual content for the IDS 2019, International Dental Show in Cologne.

The client wanted to feature all the different types of products he offers, liquid detergents, silicones and alginate powders, but avoiding the treatment of the materials in an ordinary way, finding instead an “extraordinary” way to show them.

This video, together with the others, was intended to set apart Zhermack’s communication from its competitors, delivering strong sensations when viewing these emotional and evocative images.

The video was made completely in 3D, through complex fluid dynamics replicating raw materials’ movements. This is an extract of the flower made of alginate powder.



DiaSorin 00
Zhermack Preliminary impression 00
Chicco Physioforma 00