250° anniversario Guardia di Finanza

Spot Guardia di Finanza

250° anniversary Guardia di Finanza Community Corporate 1774 – 2024: 250th anniversary of the Guardia di Finanza. The video narrates through images the work of the Guardia di Finanza, “for 250 years people serving people”. A video produced for the celebrations of the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the corps. Credits: Agency: NinetynineCasa di […]

Officina38 Showreel 2023

Cover nuovo showreel di Officina38

Officina38 showreel 2023 Community Fashion Food Health Hôtellerie Industrial Sport Tech Commercial Branded content Corporate Graphic animation Tutorial Movie Here is the new showreel of Officina38! A video journey through our works of the last times. From the set with the great Orietta Berti to the campaign on road safety of Autostrade per l’Italia with […]

Ripet | Dire, Fare, Riciclare

Ripet dire fare riciclare

Ripet | Dire, Fare, Riciclare Community Industrial Tech Commercial Branded content Corporate How easy is it to recycle PET bottles?With Ripet eco-compactors it is easier to do than to say! After the animated tutorial and photo shoots, with Ripet we chose to show in a fun way how to deposit plastic bottles in smart machines that […]

Autostrade per l’Italia | Campagna sicurezza stradale

Autostrade per l’Italia: Campagna sicurezza stradale Industrial Community Commercial “Don’t close your eyes. Road safety concerns you too”. Is the campaign commissioned by Autostrade per l’Italia in collaboration with the Italian State Policeand the High Patronage of the President of the Republic which aims to involve young people to raise awareness and fight indifference towards […]

Autostrade per l’Italia | Mestieri

Autostrade per l'Italia campagna Mestieri

Autostrade per l’Italia: Mestieri Industrial Community Commercial Our innovation has the name of each of them. Showing the people who work daily to develop an increasingly safe, smart and sustainable motorway network, making their work at the service of the country a protagonist: this is the objective of the new campaign by the Autostrade per […]


Ripet Ecocompattatori

Ripet Tech Community Graphic animation Tutorial A problem that becomes an opportunity: Ripet offers an efficient solution for the management of PET and aluminum packaging. Through the bottle-to-bottlesystem, citizens can deposit empty bottles 24 hours a day in the eco-compactors produced by Ripet: smart machines, made in Italy, equipped with a patented technology that makes […]

Autostrade per l’Italia | Campioni di sicurezza

Campioni di Sicurezza Autostrade per l'Italia

Autostrade per l’Italia: Campagna sicurezza stradale Industrial Community Commercial There are limits that can be exceeded, others that must be respected. This is the tagline for the new campaign promoted by Autostrade per l’Italia, in collaboration with the State Police, which stresses the importance of respecting the rules when driving on roads and highways. Officina38 […]

Virgin Radio: Believe in Rock

Virgin Radio Believe in Rock

Virgin Radio: Believe in Rock Community Officina38 puts on headphones and turns on the radio to one of the greatest rock radio music stations in Italy: Virgin Radio! Officina38 produced Virgin Radio latest advertising campaign, conceive by the creative factory PIAZZASAMARCO and realized by Marco Rubiola. Rock is a true  way of life, an art […]

UNSSC – Realizing the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda

UNSSC – Realizing the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda Community This animated video was produced to present UNSSC (United Nations System Sfaff College) new learning program in collaboration with Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA). “Realizing the Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) Agenda” offers the possibility to work with and for young people on significant matters such […]

Officina38 Showreel

Showreel Officina38 2021

Officina38 Showreel Community Officina38 latest showreel featuring our latest works. We had a lot of fun producing videos of very different products for brave brands who allowed us to fully unleash our creativity. ALL WORKS COMMUNITY RELATED WORKS Bosch – We are Bosch ITT Autostrade per l’Italia | Campioni di sicurezza