Officina38 Showreel 2023

Cover nuovo showreel di Officina38

Officina38 showreel 2023 Community Fashion Food Health Hôtellerie Industrial Sport Tech Commercial Branded content Corporate Graphic animation Tutorial Movie Here is the new showreel of Officina38! A video journey through our works of the last times. From the set with the great Orietta Berti to the campaign on road safety of Autostrade per l’Italia with […]

Fiorentini | Spot peanut butter

Fiorentini: Spot peanut butter Food Sport Commercial A typically American product, ready to conquer even our own palates: i’s peanut butter, which Fiorentinihas launched on the Italian market with a new advertising campaign. The TV spot, for which we took care of the service, is set at the PalaFenera in Chieri. The main character isAlessia […]

Torino City Marathon

Torino City Marathon - photo Officina38

Torino City Marathon Sport Branded content 42.195 km of beauty in the wonderful route that crosses our city Touching various UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from Piazza Castello to Parco del Valentino, passing along the Po river, and then proceeding through the municipalities of Moncalieri, Nichelino, Beinasco, with a tour around the Palazzina di Caccia di […]

Ferrari Capital Markets Day

Ferrari Capital Markets Day

Ferrari Capital Markets Day Sport Ferrari turns 75! On the occasion of the 75th birthday of the world’s most famous sports car maker, Il Cavallino Rampante organized Capital Markets Day: a day dedicated to retracing the company’s footsteps and accomplishments. An opportunity to talk about future projects and challenges as well. For this event, held […]

Ferrari F1-75: Piloti

Piloti Ferrari

Ferrari F1-75: Piloti Sport Ferrari F1-75: the drivers are ready to race again on the new single-seater. “New season, new challenges and a fresh reset”Lights are on the new single seater F1-75 from Scuderia Ferrari. New rules, innovative design, and aerodynamics new concepts… but the names of the drivers competing in the 2022 season won’t […]

Ferrari F1-75: Beauty Car

Ferrari F1-75

Ferrari F1-75: Beauty Car Sport Ferrari F1-75: the single-seater that brings a new era in Formula 1. For the second consecutive year Officina38 collaborates on the project for the 2022 season car launch by the team in Maranello: the Ferrari F1-75.The single-seater, which will once again be driven by the two drivers Charles Leclerc and […]

Ferrari SF21: Beauty Car

Ferrari SF21 Beauty Car

Ferrari SF21: Beauty Car Sport “The best Ferrari ever built is the next one.” Enzo Ferrari Car beauty video produced for Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 to present SF21 Car Launch. An Adrenaline pumping video featuring new designs and mechanical and structural innovations of the new single-seater car taking to the track for the 2021 Formula […]


Officina38 per Diadora

Diadora Fashion Sport “The real goal is the next step!” Sports narrative often moves on stereotypes and mental schemes. They taught us that you play to win, you race to finish first and you must aim at the finish line as the true goal. What if this message was challenged? What if the only way […]

Adidas per Bangkok

Adidas per Bangkok Fashion Sport Branded content This film was shot with endorsement from Adidas, within a global project , aimed at telling people’s stories, sport and passion within metropolitan locations. This film tells the story of a group of bikers from Bangkok who find community and sense of belonging in the city through their […]

Puma social

Puma social Fashion Sport Branded content Branded content for Puma Asia shot in Bangkok. Specific for social media channels. Director: Greg Ferro ALL WORKS FASHION RELATED WORKS Fiorentini | Spot peanut butter Ferrari F1-75: Beauty Car Adidas per Bangkok