Officina38 Showreel 2023

Cover nuovo showreel di Officina38

Officina38 showreel 2023 Community Fashion Food Health Hôtellerie Industrial Sport Tech Commercial Branded content Corporate Graphic animation Tutorial Movie Here is the new showreel of Officina38! A video journey through our works of the last times. From the set with the great Orietta Berti to the campaign on road safety of Autostrade per l’Italia with […]

Ripet | Dire, Fare, Riciclare

Ripet dire fare riciclare

Ripet | Dire, Fare, Riciclare Community Industrial Tech Commercial Branded content Corporate How easy is it to recycle PET bottles?With Ripet eco-compactors it is easier to do than to say! After the animated tutorial and photo shoots, with Ripet we chose to show in a fun way how to deposit plastic bottles in smart machines that […]

MM Construction

MM Construction

MM Construction Industrial Corporate MM Construction is a young and dynamic company, made up of people with solid know-how in the design and construction of process equipment, systems and metal carpentry. It operates in the food, chemical, energy, civil, oil & gas sectors. Quality, competence, innovation and continuous training are the assets of his work, already known and […]


Ripet Ecocompattatori

Ripet Tech Community Graphic animation Tutorial A problem that becomes an opportunity: Ripet offers an efficient solution for the management of PET and aluminum packaging. Through the bottle-to-bottlesystem, citizens can deposit empty bottles 24 hours a day in the eco-compactors produced by Ripet: smart machines, made in Italy, equipped with a patented technology that makes […]

Samsung Interactive Movie

Samsung Interactive Movie

Samsung Interactive Movie Tech Officina38 is proud to be involved in the creation of the first educational interactive movie in the world. Irreverent and comical, made with the extraordinary participation of Elio and Frank Matano (supported by well-known influencers), the short film was created for salespeople, with the aim of revealing the features of the […]


iReplace con Orietta Berti

iReplace Tech iReplace – Orietta Berti’s rating scale (Ep. 1 of 4) This is the first video extract for iReplace, leader in Italy for the sale of refurbished phones and repairs with a special guest … who needs no introduction! For this advertising campaign intended for social media channels, Officina38 played the key role of […]

Showreel 2016-2017

Showreel2016-2017 Community Fashion Tech Commercial Branded content Corporate Graphic animation Tutorial Movie Video Showreel. A showcase of our work that includes archived pieces from the early years of Officina38 productions. ALL WORKS COMMUNITY RELATED WORKS Missoni Fashion Film Smile Solar World Design Organization