Fluently | The Essence of Human-Robot Interaction


Fluently Tech Branded content Graphic animation An intelligent interface leveraging AI, designed to enable more efficient utilization of robots across various production sectors. From battery recycling and aerospace engine repairs to producing complex metal components using laser technology. Cutting-edge technology that allows industrial robots to understand, communicate, and learn from humans, aided by five days […]


Ripet Ecocompattatori

Ripet Tech Community Graphic animation Tutorial A problem that becomes an opportunity: Ripet offers an efficient solution for the management of PET and aluminum packaging. Through the bottle-to-bottlesystem, citizens can deposit empty bottles 24 hours a day in the eco-compactors produced by Ripet: smart machines, made in Italy, equipped with a patented technology that makes […]


IRIS – GREEN PLASMA SAFE Community Graphic animation Iris – Playground for new ideas is a solid SME specialized in the development of cutting-edge technological systems. For our client Iris, Officina38 produced a video animation with the objective of displaying, through illustrations by Francesca Tabasso, the GREEN PLASMA SAFE project. GREEN PLASMA SAFE was born through a […]

A2E – Alpi Efficienza Energetica

A2E Regione Piemonte

A2E – Alpi Efficienza Energetica Community Graphic animation This video, produced for Regione Piemonte (Piedmont region), highlights the A2E – Alpi Efficienza Energetica project, a Franco-Italian partnership between public and private sectors. In a world increasingly in need of sustainability and innovation, we are proud to have contributed to a project that aims at improving […]

Nati per leggere – Salone del libro

Nati per leggere – Salone del libro Community Graphic animation (Born to Read – International Book Fair Turin) Animated video graphics. Made for the Salone del Libro Foundation, it tells the story of the project “Nati per Leggere” (Born to Read) and targets school-age children and their families. The program, designed to incentivize cognitive development […]

Pic Case Study

Pic Case Study Health Corporate Graphic animation Tutorial Video case study. A narrative of all Pic Solution’s work from 2016-2017. Told through video tutorials, conferences videos and internal communications, infographics and 2D and 3D animation. ALL WORKS HEALTH RELATED WORKS Kavo-Kerr Case Study Pic Case Study DiaSorin

Il tredicesimo piano

Il tredicesimo piano Community Graphic animation Movie Teaser and editing for the series. «Il Tredicesimo Piano» was created in collaboration with I Diavoli and La Stampa. This webseries tells the story of the connections between finance and politics (among other themes) in the time leading up to the 2016 presidential elections in the U.S. ALL […]

Showreel 2016-2017

Showreel2016-2017 Community Fashion Tech Commercial Branded content Corporate Graphic animation Tutorial Movie Video Showreel. A showcase of our work that includes archived pieces from the early years of Officina38 productions. ALL WORKS COMMUNITY RELATED WORKS Missoni Fashion Film Smile Solar World Design Organization